Communities with lifetime value

Zapnito's mission is to help businesses maximize customer lifetime value by powering knowledge sharing at scale. Our platform is built to make these personalized knowledge sharing experiences possible.


The warning

Today, 71% of your customers are at risk of churn when they are not fully engaged.


The opportunity

Customers who are fully engaged have a 23% higher lifetime value.


The challenge

Customers switch off if they don't get the right knowledge – from trusted peers – at the right time.


The solution

Zapnito maximizes customer lifetime value by providing a community platform built for personalized knowledge sharing experiences.

Our company values

We live and breathe communities, meaning our values shape our team culture and approach to every customer we parter with


Our customers' success is our success. Helping our customers to deliver measurable business impact is our number one focus


Technology is nothing without the people that use it. To reach our mission faster, we create solutions with our community, not just for them


Like us, our customers work hard to make their companies successful, so we do everything to support their priorities and make their lives easier


We aim to change the status quo and drive excellence. We share our journey with others as an open invitation to help us do better

Our Story

On a training ride for a Scotland Coast to Coast race, co-founders Charles Thiede and Jon Beer shared a problem: while information was everywhere, finding trusted expert knowledge was a headache. They knew brands across industries were being affected by the same problem: overwhelmed customers were switching off.

Inspired by their initial insight, Charles and Jon began creating a platform for brands to connect the right people, with the right knowledge, from the right experts, at the right time. Working with brands across different industries, they discovered that personalized content and peer-to-peer interaction was the key to maximizing customer lifetime value.

Since 2015, Zapnito has transformed passive brand audiences into active participants, upholding its mission to transform how businesses create and share knowledge with their communities

Meet the team

Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder

Jon Beer

COO & Co-Founder

Karl Freeman


Waimai Lo

Director of Client Operations

Laura Templer

Head of Enterprise Customers

Carme Raventos

Senior Solutions Manager

Jack Bartrop

Marketing Director

Paulina Kula

Marketing Manager

Ed Phillips

Staff Software Engineer

Colin Currie

Senior Software Engineer

Craig Petterson

Senior Software Developer

Karen Harris

Senior Software Engineer

Kriss Wiltshire

Software Engineer

Gill Chantler

Product Strategy and Design Lead

Alice Bramley-Dymond

Customer Success Manager

Alex Thompson

Customer Success Executive

Chyara Cruz

Customer Success Executive

Emily Wheatley

Technical Program Manager

Christy Akinmuyiwa

Finance & Operations Administrator

Matthew Cumberland

Head of Finance

Ian Perry


Mark Allin

Strategic Advisor

Susanna Kempe

Strategic Advisor

Neil Morgan

Strategic Advisor