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Discover how Propolis, B2B Marketing's online community, 'delivers a proven ROI and expands our knowledge.'

B2B Marketing is an organization that seeks to provide marketers at business brands with tools and insights that will help them grow, both as individuals and as businesses. Founded in 2004, they have been a leading source of expertise in their field before B2B marketing was still an known concept.

Though they had considered building an online community in the past, it was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that prompted B2B Marketing to create an owned online space for their members.

Propolis is the global community for B2B marketers providing real-time expertise, collective intelligence and peer-to-peer benchmarking to accelerate their success.
It provides a solution to each of these four big challenges:
  1. Developing marketing strategy
  2. Accessing know-how and best practice in real time
  3. Building high-performance teams
  4. Raising the perceived value of marketing
It is centred around 8 critical areas, known as Hives, that every B2B marketing department grapples with:
  1. Strategy and evolution
  2. Insight and intelligence
  3. Teams and resourcing
  4. Brand and content strategy
  5. Growth
  6. Marking Ops and Process
  7. Execution and campaigns

Zapnito arrived and had everything we needed out of the box.

James Farmer Co-Founder

“An honest broker”

The vision for Propolis was a community that people would go to when they had a specific marketing problem that needed solving. Marketing teams and individuals would purchase a subscription to Propolis, which would serve as an ‘honest broker’, connecting marketers with experts and peers to solve each other’s problem and providing them with a virtual space to meet and discuss their work. For example the ‘Call an Expert’ sessions mean that an outsider expert perspective is available to offer solutions to challenges in a particular field.

Our marketing teams are inspired, motivated and emboldened to try new things, to do more.

Susanna Kempe Chair

Propolis received strong early feedback from members. One encouraging metric was the high level of stickiness reported from the community’s launch, which indicated that visitors were spending longer on the site and not leaving shortly after entering.

With Propolis, B2B Marketing are cementing their position as a go-to resource for B2B marketers, placing themselves at the intersection of intelligence and community to raise the bar in the industry.

  • 8 Hives focused on critical areas for B2B marketers
  • Entire events calendar moved to virtual format
  • 350+ active community members
  • 180+ pieces of content published