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Discover why Thirza Loffeld, WildHub Community Manager believed 'it was especially timely to open their virtual doors during lockdown' and how the team have made such a success of it.

WildHub is an online community of conservationists, powered by Zapnito, that supports the WildTeam efforts. The community now has over 1,000 members across 80 countries. Conservation organization WildTeam exists to give conservationists the skills to design and improve conservation projects and save more wildlife. It does this through field-testing solutions, collaboration, and classroom training.

WildHub was a way of accessing and leveraging everyone’s knowledge and experience. You can accelerate conservation so fast with that medium of this online community.

Adam Barlow Executive Director

Building the WildHub

The need for a digital platform that could empower its members to share their knowledge and ideas in the conservation space became apparent to the WildTeam. It recognized that the traditional methods of professional development in conservation were slow and time-limited. By building an expert-driven community, it hoped to share practical lessons and knowledge to help the sector adapt quickly to new demands, accelerate efforts, and improve best practices.

I don’t have a background in [technology] and [the Zapnito team] made me feel empowered to actually move things forward.

Thirza Loffeld Community Manager

In partnership with Zapnito, WildTeam was able to structure and launch their community in the critical and challenging time at the very beginning of lockdown. Both parties were able to communicate efficiently and regularly through virtual meetings and online support to ensure the implementation of connectivity tools and shared content were ready in preparation for this new venture.

Be sure to watch the ‘Driving engagement’ interview with Thirza Loffeld, WildHub’s community manager and Zapnito Customer Success Executive, Georgina Sánchez Moles.

  • Over 1,000 members across 80 countries
  • Digital events run by members
  • Housing a global community