Feedback & Ideation

Transform customers into essential co-creators

Centralize where customers share constructive feedback and contribute ideas to improve your products, services and experiences

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Make better business decisions with community input

Giving customers a voice helps better understand their needs and enables you to build a better product - driving revenue growth, innovation and minimizing research costs.

Zapnito allow you to easily create public and private spaces to share announcements and collaborate with segmented customer groups - increasing engagement and loyalty.

One platform to collaborate with customers and unlock valuable insights

Create one-stop shop for customers to keep up to date with latest product announcements, share feedback and take each other's ideas to another level

Crowdsource and vote on ideas

Empower customers to contribute concepts for new product solutions and build on ideas to drive new valuable innovations

Drive one-to-many and one-to-one feedback

Engage customer segments in dedicated discussions or engage in direct feedback loops with individuals as private messages

Centralize discussion and announcements

Create dedicated spaces to share public company updates, build custom groups to host advisory boards or gather feedback on closed beta tests

Keep every customer in the loop

Leverage personalized community notifications, newsletters and @mentions to ensure every customer receives relevant updates

Create a sense of belonging to impact the entire customer lifecycle



increase in likelihood to buy as an active community member



increase in engagement with educational content



decrease in likelihood to churn as an active community member



increase in NPS score with Zapnito-powered community

Elevate quantitive feedback with full data ownership

Drive customer-led innovation and proactively reduce churn with a clear view of who is most and least engaged in your community. Zapnito's community analytics tools allow you to uncover valuable insights view of organizations, members, and activity types.

Data controls:

Analytics Dashboards
Discussion Types
Data Import/Exports
User Explorer
Content Explorer

Connect your tech stack to drive limitless customer engagement

Integrate with tools you already use to automate workflows and enrich customer insights

Fast implementation. Expert guidance.

Focus on long-term impact with 1-on-1 support every step of the way from our UK-based team of community specialists