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Future Science Group

Future Science Group diversify revenue using Zapnito
Thanks to our communities, a significant proportion of our revenue is now coming from advertising and sponsored thought leadership.
Phil Garner

Phil Garner

Managing Director

Future Science Group (FSG) is a progressive publisher focused on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research. Their portfolio consists of three publishing imprints, Future Science, Future Medicine and Newlands Press.

Subscription and open access publishing is their core business model, but in 2014, FSG were looking at new ways to diversify revenue. In the past five years they have developed specialist expert communities and content hubs, enabling research professionals to easily connect and collaborate with their peers in niche scientific fields.

They have done this through partnering with Zapnito, using its plug-and-play features to rapidly develop new communities and products, significantly reducing development time.

Using Zapnito’s integrated advertising options and through developing a sponsored content program, they have turned these communities into a significant revenue stream for the group.

Rapid time to market
Multiple communities
Significant advertising and sponsorship revenue

How they did it

FSG has created four distinct communities using Zapnito’s SaaS platform. In each one, advertising and sponsored content are used to generate revenue.

FSG’s communities are largely based on content created by the users and are designed to provide experts in their field with a platform to collaborate, showcase their work, and share news and perspectives.


RegMedNet is a network for the regenerative medicine community. It is partnered with FSG’s journal, Regenerative Medicine.

Content includes free educational webinars, expert opinion and insight, and exclusive peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as the latest news and advances.



3DMedNet is a community site that unites the diverse medical 3D printing community, seeking to educate and inspire to help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate.

3DMedNet members have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with industry leaders and academic experts as well as publish their own articles without the wait associated with typical scientific publishing methods.



RxNet is an  online community uniting scientists from the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and beyond. Its aim is to further drug discovery and development.

RxNet is linked to FSG’s associated journals – Future Drug Discovery (coming soon), Future Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst and Therapeutic Delivery, and aims to provide current and exciting research and information on all aspects of the drug discovery pipeline.


BioTechniques Talk

The most recently launched FSG community, BioTechniques Talk is linked to their journal BioTechniques.

It’s a community designed to allow laboratory researchers to quickly and easily ask other experts in their field for help troubleshooting methods, techniques and protocols, share experiences, prompt discussion and build a network.

BioTechniques Talk