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Wilmington Healthcare's OnMedica community provides GPs and specialists with up-to-date educational content and opportunities to share and collaborate.

For the medical community, access to trusted, expert information and peer-to-peer discussion is vital. However, opportunities for doctors to connect digitally in a safe-space environment are surprisingly limited, until now.

OnMedica is an independent resource for UK-based GPs and specialists, as part of Wilmington Healthcare.  It provides UK-based GPs and specialist doctors with an independent environment, packed with clinical reference material and expertise, education, news, views and comments.

OnMedica is the only platform of its kind that affords members the freedom to collaborate around topical educational content, start conversations and share ideas. Due to the clever verification process that Zapnito and OnMedica built together, only GMC registered doctors are permitted with full access to the site.

Together with Zapnito, they overhauled their website to provide a verified space for this community, who crucially need opportunities to collaborate and communicate, and get expert information they can trust.

OnMedica community - General Practice page
It was vital to create a peer-to-peer environment for doctors. Our members know that they can get trusted information, and engage in conversation.

Simon Grime

Executive Director at Wilmington Healthcare