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How the Oystercatchers Club became a thriving online community with Zapnito

Centaur Media, now Xeim, is a global media and content company which owns a variety of traditional and online publishing brands, as well running award-winning and producing cutting edge data products.

They felt that some brands in their portfolio would benefit from a more active community element, and were looking for innovative new ways to deliver sponsorship products.

The challenge to delivering these was development time. Creating bespoke offerings via any of the platforms they originally had access to would almost certainly have taken several months per product, making them a considerable undertaking.

By choosing Zapnito to build the Oystercatchers Club community, they were able to cut development time to as little as 6 weeks – meaning they could rapidly meet expectations.

To see our interview with Oystercatchers founder, Suki Thompson click below:

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Rapid time to market
Engagement targets quickly exceeded

The Oystercatchers Club

Centaur brand The Oystercatchers Club, membership of which is by invitation only, has long been known for its industry-leading events program.

The launch of its online network on Zapnito opened up the expertise of Oystercatchers Club and their members to a wider audience. The network allows member agencies to register and publish their own case studies and latest work, as a showcase, but also to elicit feedback and create discussion.

The Oystercatchers Club
I wanted to create what we had within the club and take it online.

Suki Thompson

Chair at Oystercatchers