Zapnito. Be the destination for expertise.


‘If experts are at the heart of every organisation, then expertise is at the core of our focus’

With over 300 million bloggers, internet trolls and fake news polluting the web, trusted information is needed now, more than ever


Trusted sources of expertise can be hindered by old technology and true expertise gets drowned out by social noise.

Zapnito was founded in 2013 by Charles Thiede and Jon Beer to solve this challenge, creating a next generation communication and expert community platform with services that help organisations like yours be the destination for expertise.

What is Zapnito?

Embeddable or standalone, our cloud based, SAAS technology is secure and quick to launch so you can create a safe, branded environment in which you and the people that matter to you can share expertise, collaborate, and build deeper customer relationships.

Our deep analytics provide you with real time customer data, insights and automation to keep users engaged and deliver results for you

With 50+ live expert networks and communities and top brands publishing, membership organisations, not for profit and financial services, the Zapnito team have the expertise to ensure a quick and effective launch. (link each of these to the landing pages for each sector)

It’s not all about technology

The Zapnito team have lived B2B content creation, audience engagement, marketing and technology for many years. We use this experience to drive the service you will get from Zapnito. Tell us about your challenges, we are here to help!

We can’t say it any better than our clients; Centaur Media Case Study & The IET

Case Study (behind registration wall)

Zapnito Culture and Values

Zapnito is run by a mix of corporate veterans and people just starting out in their careers. Zapnito is the sum of our customers and partners, our Advisors and our (amazing) team. As an employer we believe that we need to treat everyone like part-owners in the business - and indeed they are. That’s not just with stock options; we believe in an inclusive participation in all the decisions within the business. That is anything from from working with an investor or decisions on the product and whether or not to create a juice bar. These are just words, but we try to live by them daily.


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What Zapnito customers say:

"Zapnito provides us with the capability to create branded expert networks for our clients and partners. We believe it is a key part of our consulting toolkit: to package our expertise in a way that isn’t dependent on our time."

Steven Inchcoombe, Chief Publishing Officer & Board Member, Springer Nature


"In the coming maturation of the global Internet, meaning, timeliness and personal relevance is indeed more powerful than mere volume, speed or indeed 'being free'; and finding 'wisdoms' will beat the mere provision of data or information. Zapnito offers a powerful platform that fits this new paradigm just as video is becoming the next "text". Expect big things."

Gerd Leonhard, CEO, Futurist, The Futures Agency


"Scientific, technical and medical publishing is indeed the original social knowledge community and network and for the first time since the birth of the Internet, a platform that truly focuses on this idea and makes it work has been born. That is Zapnito and we are pleased to be an early adopter of this important capability. This is social knowledge without the noise."

Phil Garner, Managing Director, Future Science Group


"We have partnered with Zapnito to build an exciting expert network for one of Kelsey's premier brands. Zapnito gives us the potential to create new sponsorship revenue streams and a new and innovative channel for our readers to have a deeper relationship with our content and experts."

Vicky Ophield, Digital Publishing Director, Kelsey Media


"We have created an expert network that will not only add value to our existing clients, but will also help us develop new client relationships based on our expertise and that of our partners. Zapnito provides us with the capability to create branded expert networks for our clients and partners – we believe it is a key part of our consulting toolkit: to package our expertise in a way that isn’t dependent on our time."

Rob Brownton, CEO, Blue Provident


"We are excited to be working with Zapnito to create an expert network that will provide new ways for our community of molecular life scientists to access and enjoy knowledge and advice, as well as offering forums for interaction and collaboration."

Dr. Carolyn Elliss

Communications and Projects Manager, Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)


"Zapnito has become a trusted partner to our Creative Solutions team, enabling us to create unique propositions for our customers that showcase their thought leadership and demonstrate their expertise."

Anna Donnelly

Director of Creative Solutions, Centaur Media


"Partnering with Zapnito has helped us to rapidly innovate, to build new products that not only provide many benefits to IET members but also create exciting new sponsorship opportunities for our advertisers."

Amanda Williams

Publisher and Brand Manager, E&T, Institution of Engineering and Technology