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"If experts are at the heart of every organisation, then expertise is our focus."

With over 300 million bloggers, internet trolls and fake news polluting the web, trusted information is needed now, more than ever. But trusted sources of expertise can be hindered by old technology and drowned out by social noise.

Zapnito was founded in 2013 by Charles Thiede and Jon Beer to solve this problem, offering next-generation software products to help organisations like yours become the destination for expertise once again.

About our products

Zapnito Knowledge Networks is the all-in-one platform for organisations looking to create, share and promote expertise. It enables the quick and easy creation of branded hubs of experts and multimedia content and is used to share knowledge, increase audience engagement, foster collaboration and create expert communities.

Zapnito Knowledge Feeds is the app for real-time expert-led conversations and knowledge-sharing, embeddable into any website. It enables organisations to create, share and promote knowledge, foster collaboration and increase audience engagement. To users, it provides meaningful social experiences that provide truly useful information and valuable connections.

It’s not all about technology

The Zapnito team have lived content creation, audience engagement, marketing and technology for many years. We use this experience to inform the service you will get from Zapnito. Tell us about your challenges, we are here to help!

What Zapnito customers say

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"Zapnito provides us with the capability to create branded expert networks for our clients and partners. We believe it is a key part of our consulting toolkit: to package our expertise in a way that isn’t dependent on our time."

Steven Inchcoombe, Chief Publishing Officer & Board Member, Springer Nature

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