"Zapnito ticks all the boxes for us: we bring the experts, they bring the fit-for-purpose digital 'room' in which those experts can collaborate and learn from each other. I knew from the outset Zapnito understood our approach, as well as the real-world communities it is our privilege to talk to and work with every day at NPG."

Steven Inchcoombe, CEO, Nature Publishing Group

"In the coming maturation of the global Internet, meaning, timeliness and personal relevance is indeed more powerful than mere volume, speed or indeed 'being free'; and finding 'wisdoms' will beat the mere provision of data or information. Zapnito offers a powerful platform that fits this new paradigm just as video is becoming the next "text". Expect big things."

Gerd Leonhard, CEO, Futurist, The Futures Agency

"Scientific, technical and medical publishing is indeed the original social knowledge community and network and for the first time since the birth of the Internet, a platform that truly focuses on this idea and makes it work has been born. That is Zapnito and we are pleased to be an early adopter of this important capability. This is social knowledge without the noise..."

Phil Garner, Managing Director, Future Science Group

"We have partnered with Zapnito to build an exciting expert network for one of Kelsey's premier brands. Zapnito gives us the potential to create new sponsorship revenue streams and a new and innovative channel for our readers to have a deeper relationship with our content and experts."

Vicky Ophield, Digital Publishing Director, Kelsey Media

"We have created an expert network that will not only add value to our existing clients, but will also help us develop new client relationships based on our expertise and that of our partners. Zapnito provides us with the capability to create branded expert networks for our clients and partners – we believe it is a key part of our consulting toolkit: to package our expertise in a way that isn’t dependent on our time."

Rob Brownton, CEO, Blue Provident