Custom Integrations

Connect your tech to create the seamless brand experience you always envisioned, and members increasingly expect

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The power of Zapier

Anything from registering for an event, posting content or following an expert can be a potential automation trigger, creating a personalized experience for your community members. Connected applications can run in the background meaning no continuous resource or management is required.

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Connect to CRM

Ensure your member data is up to date. Connect your Zapnito community to a CRM via Zapier, including + Hubspot, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Payment systems

Integrate payment services like Stripe to receive payments for membership, online courses, events or premium content.

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Deeper analytics

Get real-time analytics via our GoSquared integration, that links to marketing automation, live chat, and customer data designed to grow your business. Also use our Google Analytics integration to track site usage, engagement statistics and identify which areas of the platform should be further optimized.

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Further custom integrations

We are also able to provide more custom integrations through our own rest hooks.