Online Event Platform

Bring together expert speakers, attendees and sponsors to deliver a unique online experience. Drive engagement and boost interactions with your community using our virtual event platform.

Bring together experts, attendees and sponsors and allow them to connect, learn and grow.

Virtual Events

Hybrid events

Don’t let anything spoil the fun. Protect and supplement your live events with virtual, interactive capabilities that complement in-person experiences, extend your audience and can also act as a contingency plan when needed.

Virtual Events

Build a 365 hub around your events

Unlike other tools, Zapnito allows you to extend the engagement created by the event into a living, breathing online community.

Build a digital hub for attendees, speakers and sponsors to learn, connect and engage with expert content 365 days a year.

Virtual Events

Showcase all your events

Our Events Noticeboard provides an up-to-date list of everything that’s happening in your community.

Whether you’re running a large-scale virtual expo or a small video meeting, showcase your event on the Noticeboard to keep your fellow community members up to speed.

Virtual Events

Provide true value for your sponsors

Virtual events don’t have to limit your sponsorship opportunities; in fact, the opposite is true.

From entire branded sub-communities, to sponsored content and brand placement opportunities, there are many flexible ways for your sponsors to demonstrate their expertise and gain insight.

Virtual Events

Spaces for every type of conversation

Chat privately with other users one-to-one, or create dedicated rooms for conversations between members of subgroups within your network. Our content-sharing and directory tools mean nothing will get lost in translation.

Virtual Events

Hold meetings from home

Our high-quality, in-house video conferencing tools mean you can host video meetings, interviews, discussions and roundtables without setting foot outside your house.

Virtual Events

Simple webinar embedding

Bring experts together from across your community and beyond with our range of webinar integration tools. Collaborate and share expertise on-demand, any way you like.