The must-dos in creating video for the C-suite

This video from Alpha Grid provides some great tips for how to publish video for a C-suite audience.

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Sep 08, 2016

Shared with us by Zapnito customer Richard Carter, we had to share this video on, well, sharing video. Created by media agency Alpha Grid, it provides insightful and practical tips on how to provide video to the influential decision-makers that are crucial to your network.

The top takeways are:

  1. Make sure it is relevant & entertaining
  2. Accept that your video won't get shared that much but if it is, it will be by email. (Make sure you have enabled Zapnito's new Bitly feature to help with this.)
  3. Publish in their downtime: at the end of the day, early morning or at lunchtime
  4. Keep it short: 3 minutes or less
  5. Feature an expert. Videos from someone they respect will capture the attention of this group

Access Alpha Grid's full research paper on this topic here.

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Jen Thoroughgood

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