Should content publishers be less social?

Publishing freedom of Social Media is damaging voice and reach of experts online

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Sep 18, 2016
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The noise of the web has made it more difficult than ever to source quality expertise online.

Social media & mobile driven millennial's have created a reality where everyone (3.4 billion online users) is a publisher. This by and large is a great phenomena and freedom that I don't contest. Ignoring how great Youtube binges are for a moment though: it's time to consider the impact this has on sharing expertise in the same space. For those who wish to be more than just social online with their content.

For experts social content has produced a threat to their gravitas and reach online.

We have all seen Linkedin’s degeneration into a cluttered content hub as just one example.

There are two trends to consider here

1) Where experts are publishing online.

2) Where do people search for knowledge.

Fortunately both audience and expert are often sharing the same space. But this space, is a vast social forum and that's the conflict. The problem is how loud and cluttered this space is and how inefficient it is for knowledge sharing.

In a digital world where each comment, article or post is as valuable as the last, is it worth thought leaders sharing this social space at all?

We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Alex Venus

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I'm passionate about technology that disrupts the status quo. At Zapnito, we have seen clients achieve incredible things by using their expert networks to profit from the valuable, user-empowering content they publish. Working at Zapnito is great fun, but we are seriously passionate about the power of knowledge sharing. If you'd like to hear more about Zapnito, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

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