3-minute expertise share: week ending 19 August 2016

The impact of the Olympics on digital media innovation… A 3-minute round-up of the expertise and insights that the Zapnito team wants to share with you this week.

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Aug 19, 2016
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The impact of the Olympics on digital media innovation was showcased this week in Kevin Anderson’s article ‘Best of the best: How the Olympics highlight media innovation’. Pointing to how “a smart strategy executed well during major events can help you reach new audiences and power your growth to the next level”, Anderson highlights how the New York Times broke ground at Rio this year with its latest feature ‘Fine Line’: “swipe-able, responsive, video-anchored storytelling techniques [that] explain how the top athletes of the United States achieve their successes”.

While praising the New York Times’ editorial innovation, Anderson is quick to highlight the importance of commercial innovation, reaffirming the need for both in tandem for sustainable business. For the New York Times, such commercial innovation has arrived in the form of native advertising.

Enabling multimedia content creation that can be directly monetised through sponsorship, advertising and ecommerce, Zapnito helps organisations to both deliver exciting new content and products that create new revenue opportunities.

“Facebook is once again tweaking its News Feed algorithm to make sure its 1.71 billion users walk away feeling informed — and the social media giant is turning to humans for help” reports NBC’s Alyssa Newcomb this week. With Facebook’s algorithm coming under fire in recent months for alleged political bias, users are now being asked to “rank how informative they find stories in their feeds on a scale of one to five”, in a bid to “create a new ranking signal that helps Facebook predict how informative a specific user will find a story”.

With these changes signaling yet more unpredictability from the social media giant, we once again recognise the challenges that face publishers in both leveraging and fighting back against the dominance of social media. Indeed, we developed Zapnito to allow organisations to reclaim their brand and audience. We work with media, professional services firms and other knowledge providers to create expert networks, to educate, inspire and foster more valuable relationships with their market.

Also this week, Nieman Lab’s Shan Wang reported ‘The Wall Street Journal is changing up its paywall, offering guest passes and expanded link-sharing on social’. Faced with the challenge to monetise, The Wall Street Journal has decided “to make its paywall neither stricter nor leakier, but bendier” introducing 24-hour guest passes for non-subscribers and the ability for paying members to share full articles for free across social media. This is just the latest answer to the increasingly pertinent question of how publishers can monetise their content amid the rise of social media, click-bait, free journalism, ad blocking and more.

Contact us to discuss how Zapnito can help you create new products and services to monetize your company’s expertise and reclaim your audience.

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