3-minute expertise share: week ending 22 July 2016

​The post-Brexit circulation boom and the need for expert insight...A 3-minute round-up of the expertise and insights that the Zapnito team wants to share with you this week.

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Jul 25, 2016
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Four weeks on since the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union, The Media Briefing’s Chris Sutcliffe puts expertise centre stage in his article Back in the habit: The post-Brexit circulation boom. Sutcliffe draws attention to the importance of both trusted brands and expertise during times of uncertainty as “all but one of the UK’s national newspapers increased their daily average unique user count, often to the tune of a double digit increase over the previous month”. In a recent press release, the Guardian described both the lead up to and aftermath of Brexit as “a strong domestic news agenda that saw readers picking up the titles to inform and make sense of the momentous events”.

Understanding that “in times of national crisis audiences turn to trusted news sources (even if they have to pay for them)” it is our aim at Zapnito to provide collective intelligence through trusted sources of expertise. Echoing Sutcliffe’s findings, we recognise that during these times of significant change people are searching for trusted, expert knowledge as guidance.

Elsewhere this week, The New York Times John Hermann reported As Online Video Surges, Publishers Turn to Automation. Michael W. Ferro Jr., the chairman of newspaper and magazine publishing company Tronc (formerly known as Tribune Publishing) explains the genesis behind his recent decision to produce more video - aiming to increase Tronc’s remit from a couple of hundred to an impressive 2,000 videos a day: “In pursuit of more lucrative video advertising and success on dominant social platforms like Facebook, a growing number of publishers have turned to technology that promises to streamline video production, sometimes to the point of near-full automation”.

Video is core to the Zapnito platform and we understand both its importance and popularity. With video panels, direct-from-webcam recording, video uploading and video embedding as standard, we have created various ways for our customers to use and monetize video. With no need for plug-ins or YouTube embedding, we ensure video publishing is as easy as possible, allowing our customers to focus on creating high-quality engaging content.

“Facebook is a ruthless brand-destruction machine” reports Frederic Filloux in Media and Tech blog Monday Note. Following Facebook’s recent algorithm change, it appears that “anger is growing among those who put too much faith in the giant social network’s ability to monetise news content” resulting from “a huge misunderstanding” in the relationship between traditional media and Facebook. Worryingly, as many organisations plunged into full Facebook immersion, “less than half of social media users acknowledged being able to identify the actual news source”.

At Zapnito we understand both the significance of social media and the need to reclaim brand and audience. Contact us to discuss how Zapnito can help you to create new products and services to monetize your company’s expertise and reclaim your audience.

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