Robots, experts, elections, Mary Meeker and a giant beachball

A few summary stories that caught my eye this week.

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Jun 02, 2017
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Great excitement was caused in the Gregory household this week as our first robot vacuum cleaner arrived. Despite the older kids opting for more sci-fi-inspired names like Clean3PO, my 4-year-old, Agnes, shouted until she got her way (probably a lesson in itself for B2B media folks). Our robo-resident is now called Daisy.


On the subject of robots and machine learning, some great thoughts from Daniel Surmacz on AI in advertising: 'Robots vs. humans: Will AI bring the advertising apocalypse?'

Experts and elections

Back to humans (almost) and there is plenty of buzz surrounding the UK election, so this is a timely piece from McKinsey on how expert analysis, skepticism and judgement of data positively impacted the Obama campaign. (I like Rik Kirkland’s definition of strategy here.): 'The role of expertise and judgment in a data-driven world'

Still on politics, Hillary Clinton makes some excellent points about responsible editorial curation of content and says: "If I put myself in the position of running a platform like Facebook, first of all, they've got to get back to trying to curate it more effectively".: 'Hurry up and fix moderation says Clinton'

Mary Meeker

A solid filter of the 355-slide 2017 Meeker report, interesting for media folks as it notes that disruption continues at a torrid pace: 'Takeaways from Mary Meeker report 2017'

The positive among us know disruption = opportunity, despite the duopoly of Facebook and Google continuing to capitalise. So it’s pleasing to see plenty of trusted media brands ignoring the negative noise and creating new opportunities. For just one example check out News UK launching a premium subscription product aimed at legal sector (yes of course it’s a Zapnito site).

Giant beachball? Bear with me...

Thankfully I, and those of you reading this, have the luxury of working on premium quality products and services.

This week London, and probably the rest of the world, has borne witness to ‘what you need to do when your product has been absolutely slammed by critics and is clearly not premium’: market the heck out of it and do anything for publicity!

The Baywatch movie has widely been panned by critics but the marketing team haven’t been put off. Every day for the past week my commute has been infiltrated by tons of marketing for the movie: giant billboards, station takeovers and more that I haven’t noticed I’m sure.

The team took it a step further this week inflating the worlds largest beachball on the Thames - the stunt was covered by UPI: 'Baywatch Beachball'

The movie review? Check out Rotten Tomatoes and make your own mind up: Rotten Tomatoes Baywatch 2017

Fair play to the Baywatch team for fighting and using all channels at their disposal. It will be interesting to see if massive marketing budget can make up for what seems to be a poor quality product...

Why I write this:

In line with our vision here at Zapnito, each Friday, I’m going to try cutting through that noise and attempt to engage an audience - you - by sharing stories, content and anecdotes from experts which I’ve found useful or entertaining this week. I’m acutely conscious that I might just be adding to the noise, but what the heck!

I don’t need to tell you that Revenue growth starts with Audience and client engagement but there a lot of noise out there, experts and the brands they represent can easily get lost in it, and even if you do get heard, getting users to stay engaged with your content is really hard.

So, whilst you are here, if you want to find out more about how the Zapnito platform is empowering expert content creators to cut through the noise, and drive deeper, lasting audience engagement, I’m keen to talk!

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