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Jun 23, 2017
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Having been a remote observer of Cannes Lions this year, through reading a lot of negative press, I have a bit of a virtual hangover from the event.

Claims that the event "is not what it used to be..", that it has "lost its way" and accusations that Ascential, the organisers, have overtly made money from the event... how very dare they!

Having worked in a number of sectors where event organisers adapt their formats in a quest for revenue, rivals in the market often make a meal of what their big bad competitor is doing to ‘the industry’s’ event. I find it hard to read such criticism without plenty of salt. Those competitors still go every year, and in this case, Cannes is an event formed around awarding advertising creatives, not volunteer nurses. I think Ascential may be getting an unduly hard time for trying to do what everyone attending is trying to do - sell stuff!

A couple of decent round ups:

Also on this topic:

Marketing Week looks at changing marketing trends: 'Agencies need to up their pace to keep up with Brands'

And finally, a voice

Insightful Peter Houston asks: 'Will voice interfaces deliver for publishers?', via Publishing Exec.

The Zapnito dev team will look at this closely and let our customers know!

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