IET and Zapnito create sparks

We were honoured to host the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) E&T team at Zapnito, working with us on the strategy for E&T Power and Energy Hub.

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Jul 28, 2017
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Lots of energy and creativity was generated when the good folks from IET visited the Zapnito offices to agree strategy around the exciting launch of E&T Power and Energy Hub. The Hub will provide E&T readers and wider audiences with focussed peer reviewed content as well as up to date news and information on events and industry releases. The hub provides a platform for discussion between readers, experts, advisors and editorial staff alike.

The E&T Power and Energy Hub is open for sponsorship to interested parties and will allow brands to showcase their expertise and partner with E&T, focussing their spend on a targeted audience, giving them higher ROI.

Zapnito is proud to partner with IET and this workshop formed part of Zapnito's standard service package, just one example of how Zapnito helps trusted brands achieve their goals by becoming the destination for expertise.

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Fergus Gregory

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