Your community is waiting for you – It’s time to put it to good use.

All over the world, brands are putting their people at the forefront of their business. Turn your users into your greatest advocates by empowering them to share knowledge and insights with one another on a dedicated community marketing platform.

Community Marketing

The buying process has evolved

Today, customers have more choice than ever – and more opportunities to discuss options with their peers before speaking to you or your competitors. Put your best foot forward and get ahead of the competition with a branded community hub that consolidates your best features in one convenient location.

Community Marketing

Engagement that truly matters

Community marketing is all about engagement – and with Zapnito, driving engagement has never been easier. Create custom-made content that informs and delights your audience, and house it in a community platform where users can return to discuss it anytime. Drive and extend engagement with your content by giving users the ability to share, comment and discuss.

Community Marketing

Put a face to the name

Engage your community visually using the only online community platform with native video panel capabilities. Hold video chats one-to-one or in groups of up to ten, or operate live webinars via Clickmeeting. Whatever your needs, it’s never been this easy to show your brand’s human side.

Community Marketing

Own your data

Building your community across social media channels limits your reach and restricts your growth. By building a true home for your community, you can take full ownership of your data for a 365-degree view of the customer.

Community Marketing

Say goodbye to churn

Churn is the biggest threat to growth companies – so boost retention by demonstrating value to your customers. An expert community allows you to build more meaningful relationships, resulting in customers who stick around for the long run and improved acquisition via word of mouth.

Community Marketing

Activate community-led growth

Acquiring customers is more expensive than ever – so grow your business through positive word of mouth by bringing your community to life. By activating your community and giving users the tools to succeed, you can turn your customers and audience members into the strongest tool in your marketing arsenal.