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Accelerate your Community-Led Growth strategy

89% of companies believe community is critical to their mission, but most don’t have the time and energy to build a full strategy from scratch

Using Zapnito’s Community-Led Growth frameworks and AI, our strategy generator will create a 9 page inspiration document to help you leap from blank page to plan of action

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Answer 4 simple questions and let the strategy generator work its magic

  • Get a clear definition of who your community is for and how you can provide real value for members

    • Background statement
    • Key pain points
    • Why they need a community
    • 3 top reasons to join your community
  • Get a clear definition of how your community will provide value for members and the core business outcomes you should be targeting

    • Community value statement
    • Community business case
  • Get a clear definition of what community member pathways will create maximum value for members and impact your biggest business priorities

    • Acquisition to Adoption recommendations
    • Adoption to Retention recommendations
    • Retention to Advocacy recommendations
    • Advocacy to Acquisition recommendations
Strategy Generator

What happens after I submit the form?

Our experts check every strategy generated to make sure you’re getting relevant and useful advice. This means you will receive your strategy document by email within one business working day.

The strategy is generated using our own tried and tested frameworks and ChatGPT. The outputs should be used as inspiration and are no substitute for a comprehensive strategy built by expert humans. When completing the form, there is an option to provide additional information to the core 4 questions so our team of community strategist can provide even more personalized recommendations of how your business can power Community-Led Growth.

For resources and expert insights on how to make Community-Led Growth happen, you can sign up to the Zapnito Community for free.