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"You aims to replace noisy social media platforms, so why is Zapnito on LinkedIn and Twitter?"

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Jul 10, 2018
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When people ask me what Zapnito does and I explain why we are the superior alternative to noisy social media platforms, their next question is "so why do you still use LinkedIn and Twitter to share content?". A valid question and one that can play on this marketer's mind.

Not to sound like a salesman, but Zapnito provides a safe space in which brands can create and curate content and share this directly with a known audience of trusted users. Twitter cannot promise that (and as Charles explains, you can't even be sure you're connecting with humans on LinkedIn anymore). Need I mention the other one...

But we're not 'anti-social', if you will. Zapnito is quite the opposite in fact. We are as passionate about sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise as anyone, if not more so. We do not however see the point in aimlessly pushing content out on Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to a following who may or may not even see it, thanks to feed algorithm changes made by every social platform in recent years. We do however, actively encourage the team to share their original insights on social platforms to broaden their contents' reach.

Publishing great articles on relevant topics such as blockchain technology, robotics and artificial intelligence on the Zapnito network will reach all engaged users of the platform but how do we reach a wider community? Share the link to the article on LinkedIn or Twitter and we bring a new audience to our content and our brand.

The Zapnito social media board

As a fun way to incentivise the team to engage with social media, we use the ‘social media board’, ranking everyone's efforts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and our Zapnito Network.

The Zapnito social media board, March 2018

Charles put himself at a disadvantage when he said goodbye to his Twitter account yet he makes up for it on LinkedIn, often being named ‘Zaptastic’ as the person at the top of the board (evidently not in March, however).

So, as our social media board shows, we see the value in social media which is why we use it ourselves to widen our reach. But crucially, we also use it to bring people into our own, trusted network, on which you are reading this post. 

Should you be doing the same?

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