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FEBS & Wiley exceed targets with innovative Zapnito community

I have found working with Zapnito to be excellent – they’re full of ideas, full of feedback and deliver fantastic support.

Violeta Ribarska Publisher for the FEBS Press portfolio

The Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) is a charitable organization. It supports research and education in molecular life sciences through its journals, fellowships, courses, congress and other activities. And it brings together the thousands of members of national biochemistry and molecular biology societies.

In late 2017, FEBS launched the FEBS Network, an innovative initiative to deliver new value to the molecular life sciences community it serves. One year on, the Network had exceeded its traffic and engagement targets and regularly receives positive feedback from its ever-growing community of users.

This was demonstrated by a recent user feedback survey that generated a high Net Promoter Score for the network, again exceeding the target set for the Network in its first year.

above target on visits
above target for average time engaged
above target for new content shares

A True Partnership

When FEBS was looking for a new home for its journals, it wanted to find a publishing partner also able to help the organization innovate and better serve its community through a new digital offering.

Publisher Wiley wanted a tried-and tested solution to meet these needs, so that they could create a long-term partnership with FEBS.

Together, they undertook extensive user, market, and vendor research to define a solution and Zapnito was identified as the best fit. Working in partnership, the FEBS Network was created.

While FEBS has led the way in making the Network the success it is today, Wiley and Zapnito have supported the organization throughout the process, helping set success criteria, collaborating on community development plans and promoting the Network to the scientific community.

The FEBS Network

FEBS, working closely with the Zapnito team, created a community platform which caters to their multiple audiences, through clever use of Zapnito’s ‘rooms’ and ‘channels’ functionality.

They have also started to successfully engage their scientific community to make active contributions to the site. For example, through creating content around their events program.

The Results

A year in, the results are incredibly promising. Not only has the FEBS Network hit the targets set by FEBS and Wiley, but in some areas they have exceeded them by as much as 300%.


above target on visits
above target on new visits
above target on total visitors
above target on unique sign-ins


above target on average page views
above target on average engaged time
above target on new content items
above target on new content items
above target on number of likes
above target on new shares

It’s been an exciting first year watching the number of users grow and the platform software develop. We’re pleased to have exceeded our targets and are looking forward to developing the Network further in our second year.

Carolyn Elliss Communications and Projects Manager, FEBS
  • Strategic planning
  • Development work
  • Customer success support
  • Input to Zapnito’s development roadmap