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Like our product, our pricing is all-in-one. This means every company we partner with gets the same enterprise-grade functionality and expert strategic support.

Our fees are designed to suit the needs of scaling businesses and their communities. Simply fill out this request form and we’ll send you a fully transparent pricing breakdown.

Everything you need from an enterprise-grade online community platform



Create a beautiful, intuitive and seamless branded community experience – bespoke to the needs of your members



Easily connect the right members to establish habit-forming, high value knowledge sharing experiences


Give your team the management tools, data insights and security controls to drive measurable impact across your business



Access expert guidance, resources and the support of other community leaders to power your long-term success

Is Zapnito right for my company and community plan?

My company has no resources dedicated to community or customer engagement

Customer communities do not work with a ‘if we built it, they will come’ mindset. Zapnito provides the platform and functionality to drive Community-Led Growth and our experts will support your teams to drive impact. If you don’t have allocated resource to design, engage, manage and grow your community – don’t worry, let us know and we can help you find it.

My company needs a customer support ticketing platform

Zapnito can support and integrate with ticketing systems but should not fully replace them. Managing open and private discussions and events inside your community platform help capture valuable customer feedback and ideas that would otherwise be missed. Bringing customers together also allows them to answer each others questions, reducing dependencies on customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of design customization?

Our expert team will work with you to ensure your community platform mirrors your existing branding and create a seamless user experience between different branded properties.

Does Zapnito provide free trials?

Because we offer a detailed level of brand customization, we do not offer free trials. However, we are able to provide product mockups or prototypes to help business stakeholders visualize the end result. If you’d simply like to get a feel for our platform, you can join the Zapnito Community.

Can I change my pricing plan at any point during the year?

Of course. Our pricing scales with your community’s success. Contracts renew annually. Our pricing works based on active community members so if you reach a new member pricing band, you can easily upgrade mid-year by paying the difference in annual price pro-rata to the number of months remaining for that year.

Where is the community data stored physically?

We store data in data centers located in the East Coast of the United States with AWS.

What payment options does Zapnito offer?

Zapnito issue invoices and payment is by BACS bank transfer. If required we can arrange for payment by credit card. We can accept cheques but will wait until they are cleared before providing any services.

What are Zapnito’s payment terms?

Payment in full without deduction or set-off, in cleared funds, within 30 days of the date of each invoice. If full payment is not received then Zapnito can withdraw provision of the service.

Do you offer any discounts for non-profits?

We are happy to discuss discounts for non-profits – please do contact us to discuss your needs and we will see if we can help.

Does Zapnito offer refunds?

No, except at our discretion.