Expertise, networked.

Share, promote and monetize your collective expertise

Hard-won knowledge is lost in the noise of social media. Developed to solve this problem, Zapnito is the only platform to enable organizations to share, promote and monetize collective expertize. Knowledge providers use Zapnito to create expert networks to reclaim their brand and client engagement.

Zapnito's platform brings your audience and customers an entirely new level of deep engagement, seamlessly integrating brand or expert-led discussions, online training, video panels and knowledge networking.

Zapnito is the next generation of knowledge sharing and distribution.

Features & Benefits

Zapnito's platform is packed with seamlessly integrated features that allow you to create rich, engaging and profitable knowledge communities.

Leverage Experts & Influencers

Go to market quickly and make the most of your internal and external experts

Peer to Peer Discussions

One on one video and messaging with experts to get real-time knowledge and learning.

Video Panels & Live Recording

Create live branded expert video panels.

Panel Publishing

Record and publish videos with your expert of panels through quick and easy video panel capability. Unlike Google Hangouts, Zapnito panels can be recorded and published using your brand.

Online Courses & Ecommerce

Teach your community new skills with organized courses and workshops.

Teach Your Community

Organize content into courses. Use your expert content to send members along a guided learning path that's curated by your experts. Online courses sourced by your own experts.

Editorial Control

Choose existing expert generated content or create new content specifically for your courses. A simple interface to create powerful courses without the complicated 'courseware'.

Course Ecommerce

Sell your courses through our Ecommerce capabilities.

Modular Courses

Break courses down into smaller chunks to allow your community members to digest and learn the content more easily.

Questions & Answers

Make it easy for your audience to ask the questions they want answered by your expert communities

Expert Engagement

Enable your community to ask questions to your internal and external experts and allow others in your community to join in the debate.


Make sure questions and answers are kept relevant. Moderate community-generated content and choose who can ask and answer questions.


Allow members and experts alike to upvote answers and help others in your community.

Content Publishing and Marketing

Simple to use content publishing capabilities makes it easy for your internal and external experts to deliver content to your audience.

Content Authoring

Easily manage your content. Quickly create posts, insert images and publish to your community instantly.

Custom Channels

Organize, filter and present your content with custom channels. Create unlimited channels based around your subject matter.

Premium Content

Choose who can view your content. Flag individual pieces of content or your entire network as premium so it's only visible to members of your community.


Manage every aspect of your expert network and community.

Access Management

Single Sign On for multiple networks, social sign-in buttons plus the ability to integrate with your own platforms.

Analytics & Reporting

Track user activity and engagement. See what content and experts your community are looking at in real time.

Build A Following

Allow members of your community to follow your experts. Get discussions going and allow your members to share content on social networks.

Custom Branding

Quickly take on your own look and feel. Customize the colour scheme of your network, upload your logo and adhere to your own brand guidelines.

Direct Messaging

Send private messages to community members. Enable email notifications to have alerts sent directly to your inbox or mobile device.

Membership Management

Complete control of your community membership. Control access rights and roles, manage contribution applications and more.

Trusted brands using Zapnito

Some of the world's greatest knowledge providers using Zapnito today

Zapnito ticks all the boxes for us: we bring the experts, they bring the fit-for-purpose digital 'room' in which those experts can collaborate and learn from each other.

Springer Nature

Steven Inchcoombe

Chief Publishing Officer, Springer Nature

Scientific, technical and medical publishing is indeed the original social knowledge community and network and for the first time since the birth of the Internet, a platform that truly focuses on this idea and makes it work has been born

Future Science Group

Phil Garner

Managing Director, Future Science Group

Zapnito gives us the potential to create new sponsorship revenue streams and a new and innovative channel for our readers to have a deeper relationship with our content and experts

Kelsey Media

Vicky Ophield

Digital Publishing Director, Kelsey Media

Discover how Zapnito can help you build, engage and monetize your audiences.