Powering expert communities

Zapnito is the community software platform built to showcase expertise. Build your own branded community and engage the people who really matter to your business.

Springer Nature
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Easily launch your own branded community, with out-of-the-box and custom features


Flexible theming

Mirror your brand by applying your fonts and colors with a customisable theme


Fast implementation

Set-up in hours and launch in weeks, with out-of-the-box software

Easy-to-use interface

Simple, configurable functions and features to create a thriving community


Personalized support

We’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know us, so our support will always be specific to your needs

The online community platform to promote thought leadership and genuine expertise


Expert profiles

Showcase individual experts and organizations, with a dedicated profile highlighting their expertise, interests and contributions to your community


Intuitive content authoring

Produce beautiful multimedia content, with tools designed to make it easy for everyone

Peer-to-peer learning

Present your expertise in new ways by using posts and videos to easily create modern, flexible online courses

Video panel discussions

Hold discussions with up to ten fellow experts, plus record and publish them directly on your community

The community management platform that generates revenue


Easily serve advertisements using Google Ad Manager by dropping your embed code into our code snippets tool.


It couldn’t be easier to create a new revenue stream by selling course access, through our integration with Stripe.


Create sponsored content or even launch an entire sponsored community. Our customization options make it easy to highlight sponsors.

Communities that build engagement and trust

Brand-endorsed experts

Build deeper relationships and create trust by putting your people front and center.

Automated engagement options

More than 50 automatic email options to alert users to community activity and content, and drive engagement

Commenting & conversations

Encourage discussion with straightforward commenting and conversation tools.

Community-generated content

Make it easy for community members to actively contribute with intuitive tools that anyone can use.

Top community insights

Springer Nature

Find out how Springer Nature used their Zapnito-powered online communities to improve engagement and awareness of their journal portfolio.

Zapnito enables us to empower our authors to express themselves and to discover each other’s research in ways that few traditional publishing platforms allow.

Ed Gerstner Director of Journal Policy & Strategy
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FEBS & Wiley exceed targets with innovative Zapnito community

I have found working with Zapnito to be excellent – they’re full of ideas, full of feedback and deliver fantastic support.

Violeta Ribarska Publisher for the FEBS Press portfolio
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Chemist + Druggist

How did C+D use the power of community to save their annual C+D Awards?

We wanted a safe professional space where our audience could connect with each other and share ideas.

Pippa Chadfield Product Director
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B2B Marketing

How did B2B Marketing find a new way to connect with their members when their events calendar was wiped out?

Zapnito arrived and had everything we needed out of the box.

James Farmer Co-Founder
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Sova Assessment

How did Sova Assessment go about converting a greater share of their leads into customers?

The community was a way of creating an additional call to action that would allow people to come in, get to know us and establish a relationship.

Claire Rahmatallah Director of Marketing
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Wilmington Healthcare

How OnMedica created a verified peer-to-peer space for UK Doctors with Zapnito

We wanted a safe professional space where our audience could connect with each other and share ideas.

Pippa Chadfield Product Director
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