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Zapnito’s all-in-one engagement platform and human expertise gives your business everything it needs to power Community-Led Growth

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Zapnito is the go-to platform for global brands looking to consolidate legacy tools and maximise impact with a single, outstanding customer community experience

Springer Nature

Create a one-of-a-kind customer community experience to power how your business grows

Community-Led Growth | Acquisition

Educate members toward conversion

Quickly build trust at the start of every new customer relationship by providing a single space for recommended content, discussions, courses, events and networking.

Increase conversion rates by bringing potential and existing customers together to share knowledge and showcase the value of your product or service.

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Community-Led Growth | Adoption

Create an unrivalled onboarding experience

Leverage the expertise of your community to solve challenges and provide customers with the knowledge they need, when they need it.

Decrease churn by creating habit-forming educational experiences that help members get more value out of your product or service.

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Community-Led Growth | Retention

Support customers to become experts

Create unparalleled value and loyalty by connecting customers and brand experts to support each other, share knowledge and reduce reliance on customer success teams.

Improve customer satisfaction and upsells by creating dedicated spaces for announcements, ideation and feedback.

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Community-Led Growth | Advocacy

Grow and innovate with your most engaged customers

Increase social proof and new business growth by giving your most engaged customers a safe and secure space to share their successes.

Enable referrals and reduce customer acquisition costs with 2-click community invitations.

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Everything you need from an enterprise-grade online community platform

  • Fully customize the look and feel of your community

    • Fully white labeled platform
    • Spaces, rooms, topics and tags
    • SSO and member authentication
    • Custom sign-in and registration
    • Custom groups
    • Permissions and moderation tools
    • Advertising, sponsorship, and ecommerce
    • Mobile app
  • Create habit-forming and collaborative knowledge sharing

    • Premium post authoring and courses
    • Discussions
    • SEO optimisation
    • Advanced and federated search
    • Member directories and networking
    • Private messaging
    • Native video posting
    • Automated newsletters
    • Video panels
    • Hybrid events
  • Measure and take ownership of impact across your business

    • Community analytics dashboards and reports
    • Security and audit logs
    • Member and admin notifications
    • Integrations with 5,000+ apps
    • Cookie consent manager
    • Embeddable community content
  • Access expert support to keep your community strategy on track

    • Dedicated community success manager
    • Community of community leaders
    • Strategic templates and workshops
    • Zapnito customer community
    • Platform masterclasses
    • Online and in-person events

Extend the impact of your community with third-party integrations

Connect the tools you already use to leverage member data and seamlessly embed a community experience into your product or service

Springer Nature

Find out how Springer Nature used their Zapnito-powered online communities to improve engagement and awareness of their journal portfolio.

Zapnito enables us to empower our authors to express themselves and to discover each other’s research in ways that few traditional publishing platforms allow.

Ed Gerstner Director of Journal Policy & Strategy
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FEBS & Wiley exceed targets with innovative Zapnito community

I have found working with Zapnito to be excellent – they’re full of ideas, full of feedback and deliver fantastic support.

Violeta Ribarska Publisher for the FEBS Press portfolio
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Chemist & Druggist

How did C+D use the power of community to save their annual C+D Awards?

We wanted a safe professional space where our audience could connect with each other and share ideas.

Pippa Chadfield Product Director
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B2B Marketing

How did B2B Marketing find a new way to connect with their members when their events calendar was wiped out?

Zapnito arrived and had everything we needed out of the box.

James Farmer Co-Founder
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Sova Assessment

How did Sova Assessment go about converting a greater share of their leads into customers?

The community was a way of creating an additional call to action that would allow people to come in, get to know us and establish a relationship.

Claire Rahmatallah Director of Marketing
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Wilmington Healthcare

How OnMedica created a verified peer-to-peer space for UK Doctors with Zapnito

We wanted a safe professional space where our audience could connect with each other and share ideas.

Pippa Chadfield Product Director
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