Our story

One of the main challenges companies face today is cutting through the noise online and building trust. Fast growing companies and large enterprises struggle to maintain meaningful human relationships at scale.

In 2015, Zapnito was founded by Charles Thiede and Jon Beer to help brands connect and share knowledge with the people that mattered most to their business. Over time, this collaboration with our customers has created a methodology for delivering Community-Led Growth. Zapnito’s platform powers communities for trusted brands such as Springer Nature, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, B2B Marketing, McGraw-Hill, OECD and many other organizations across industries.

Zapnito is proud to be strategically backed by one of the top global venture firms: Octopus Ventures.

Meet the team

Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder

Jon Beer

COO & Co-Founder

Ian Perry


Karl Freeman


Waimai Lo

Director of Client Operations

Karien Stroucken

Programme Director

Matt Hall

Creative Director

Laura Templer

Head of Customer Success

Thirza Loffeld

Head of Community

Angus Marsden

Solutions Director

Carme Raventos

Senior Solutions Manager

Natalia Zanuto

Head of Growth Marketing

Jack Bartrop

Product Marketing Manager

Paulina Kula

Senior Marketing Executive

Tamara Miller

Senior Product Manager

Georgina Sánchez Moles

Product Manager

Colin Currie

Senior Software Engineer

Ed Phillips

Software Engineer

Craig Petterson

Software Engineer

Kriss Wiltshire

Front-End Software Engineer

Gill Chantler

UX/UI Designer

Trisha Patel

Senior Customer Success Manager

Alice Bramley-Dymond

Customer Success Manager

Alex Thompson

Customer Success Executive

Chyara Cruz

Customer Success Executive

Flo Agunpola

Data Engineer

Amie Anderson

Solutions Executive

Matthew Cumberland

Financial Controller

Mark Allin

Strategic Advisor

Susanna Kempe

Strategic Advisor

Neil Morgan

Strategic Advisor