Community Analytics

Our community analytics tools can integrate with your existing analytics to allow you to better understand your communities.

Our in-built, real-time and customizable analytics tools include more than 20 reports to help you identify the people and content that are driving engagement.


It’s your data

Don’t rely on a third party for your customer insights. With Zapnito, you can enjoy full ownership of your analytics for community data analysis that helps you to better understand your customers.

Increase engagement, boost your ROI and let your members truly flourish with a data-driven approach to community management.


In-site analytics

With our intuitive community analytics dashboard, you don’t need a brain for numbers. Get real-time data on the people and content driving engagement with your community – presented in a format anybody can understand.

Our in-site analytics include over 20 different reports – including performance summary, stickiness average and user KPIs – for the ultimate community overview. Filter by any date period to measure views, likes, comments and related content clicks.


Check in on your progress

In addition to the standard analytics we provide to all of our clients, Zapnito provides tailored insights to help your business achieve its specific goals. Regular performance reviews take place every 3-6 months and are tied into the adoption curve of each community, keeping them in line with our Value Framework.

We schedule our first post-launch check-in with our clients 2-3 months after the launch of their community. This provides an opportunity to assess the community’s performance so far and diagnose any potential issues that need addressing.


Google Analytics integration

Combine our in-site analytics with Google’s machine learning capabilities for an even clearer overall picture. All we need is your Google codes and you’re good to go.


GoSquared analytics account

When it comes to activating participation, sometimes you need your data to dig a little deeper. Get real-time analytics and email reporting, linked to a CRM, live chat tool and messaging app for targeted customer communication based on metrics. Powered by GoSquared.


Community analytics done your way

Not ready to say goodbye to your existing analytics tools? Zapnito offers custom analytics integration, so your data collection methods don’t have to change.

Our custom activity analytics allow you to see how your community is being used, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Or, if you’re keen to examine how interest in your community has changed over time, try our insight analytics.

You can also create fully customizable and interactive reporting dashboards using Tableau, providing you with a moving picture of your community’s progress.