Clever Customization

Your community, your way, with our clever customization options. Personalize your platform with Zapnito’s branding and customization features for adding custom themes, registration groups and much more.


Custom theming

Every brand needs its own distinct visual identity. Bring yours with you to your new community with custom color schemes, typography and more.

Insert your own code snippets into your Zapnito homepage for maximum customization on advertising placements.


Drag-and-drop homepage

Drag-and-drop widgets mean redesigning your homepage is as easy and intuitive as can be.

Draw attention to new or important content by repositioning it at the top of the page, accommodate new marketing campaigns or simply experiment with new layouts.


Custom registration fields

Collect the information you need to matchmake users with others like them. Ask them to specify their areas of interest, expertise, or whatever you need to enrich your people and company directories.

Registration fields are fully customizable, giving you greater control over the user journey and the data you receive from new members.


Custom user groups

Control who can do what on your site. Create custom user groups with sophisticated abilities management covering content creation, networking and administration permissions.