Engagement Features

Everything you need to drive valuable community engagement

Create valuable new connections, build habit-forming learning experiences and drive member participation

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Profiles and networking

Member Profiles

Give every member a personalized page so the community can find and follow them via search or directories

Organization Profiles

Give partner brands their own dedicated pages so the community can find and follow them via search or directories


Empower members to showcase content and community activity directly from their profile page


Member Directories

Create public, private or secret collections of profiles which can be searched and filtered


Custom discussion types

Create your own categorisation for discussions like announcements, support questions, ideas etc.

Upvotes and likes

Select how members can engage with specific discussions

Nested replies

Maintain valuable and contextual exchanges in long threads


Ensure every member is connected and notified when referenced in a thread

Content Management


Give select members ability to post or submit rich articles which can be easily found via search, by topic or by a selected room


Upload and categorize long-form video files directly


Upload and categorize PDFs directly


Create engaging discussion around specific content pieces

Multiple contributors

Connect several profiles as authors of collaborative content

Courses and certification

Content curation

Give select members ability to publish guided learning journeys through a series of content pieces

Tracked progress

Remind members of incomplete courses to drive education and engagement


Assign a member profile as the course leader and point of contact for assistance


Send custom certificates to members who have completed courses

Event Management

Event listings

Create a hub for members to browse, RSVP and save past or upcoming events

Attendee showcase

Create a directory of event attendees to maximize attendance and networking

Event types

Allow hosts to list events as in-person or virtual

Webinar integration

Embed live streamed events within a post or custom page

More key engagement features


Connect and categorize every piece of content with unlimited Topics to guide members deeper into the value your community has to offer

Advanced search

Serve the relevant knowledge on demand with fast, reliable search. Leverage federated search to also surface results from external knowledge bases

Private messaging

Allow members with selected permission to direct message one other, and in groups of up to 5

Multiple contributors

Connect several profiles to content as authors to drive collaborative knowledge sharing between peers