Management Features

Build a one-of-a-kind community experience, that works at scale

Take full control of your community experience with highly configurable, enterprise-grade tech

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Custom branding

Your branding

Take control of your platform's visual identity to create a seamless user-experience across different branded platforms

Custom domain

Increase brand discoverability with a unique community subdomain

Configurable naming conventions

Use your own brand terminology across the platform navigation to create a one-of-a-kind experience

Custom theming

Work with our in-house designers to create full alignment with your brand guidelines

Structure & navigation

Multi-community architecture

Create custom sub-communities for different products, locations or brands that members can join and engage with from one platform


Organize your community with dedicated public, private or secret containers for curated content and discussions

Page builder

Customize your homepage and create custom landing pages with templates or a simple and flexible HTML editor

Sidebar builder

Take full control of how members discover the right community experiences and navigate between other branded channels

Personalization & access

Public, gated, invitation-only or paid access

Fully control which pages are visible to logged out members or logged in members belonging to a specific group

Group segmentation

Automatically or manually add members to unlimited custom groups to control what features and experiences they can access


100+ configurable permissions allow you to streamline community operations and personalize each member's experience at scale

Registration & onboarding workflows

Choose what zero-party data you capture from new members and the steps they need to complete to set up their account

Multiple contributors

Connect several profiles as authors of collaborative content

Admin and optimization

Admin rights

Allow every member to configure their personal notification preferences so only consented, relevant emails are delivered

Moderation rules

Create automated flags to help administrators take appropriate action against misuse of your platform

Campaign links

Generate custom URLs to add new members into a specific group or redirect them to a specific community page

SEO tools

Optimize pages for search discoverability with easily editable meta tags and schema markups



Member preferences

Allow every member to configure their personal notification preferences so only consented, relevant emails are delivered


Send curated or automatic daily, weekly or monthly community digest emails to showcase your best content and drive return visits

Follow updates

Remind members when profiles, rooms or topics they follow have new contributions

Mentions & private messages

Send alerts via email when members have been referenced or contacted

More key management features

Paid access

Integrate with your chosen payment provider to charge for community membership subscription or allow purchase of individual courses and event tickets

Advertising & sponsorship

Promote third party advertisers in key page positions or allow sponsorship of rooms, courses or events

External embeds

Place community content throughout other branded channels as widgets to extend reach and engagement

Member invites

Allow members to send one-click community invitations to their network to drive advocacy and membership growth at scale