Monetize Your Community

Monetize your community through either advertising, sponsorship, or ecommerce courses all on your platform. Create new revenue streams and improve engagement at the same time.

Our range of options for monetization will ensure you see a healthy return on your investment.

Monetization Options


Zapnito is fully integratable with Google Ad Manager. Simply drop your embed code into our code snippets tool and you’re away.

Monetization Options


Give your sponsors full value for money with our sponsorship options. Create sponsored content, or even a fully sponsored community.

Our customization options allow you to highlight sponsors, providing them with a platform to meaningfully engage your audience.

Monetization Options

Ecommerce course sales

With Zapnito, you have the power to monetize expertise in the form of courses. Track progress and provide certification to reward users for completion. Powered by our integration with Stripe.