Online Learning Community Platform

All-in-one online learning community platform connecting learners and educators with the right people using the right tools. Develop multimedia-rich online learning that suits everyone.

Online Learning

Course creation

With Zapnito, there are a multitude of routes to sharing your expertise with users. Create modern, flexible online courses – and integrate Typeform to formalize your training with assessments and certification..

Online Learning

Certification and progress reporting

Sometimes people need that little bit of extra motivation. Set completion targets, reward users with certificates and encourage greater participation with our progress reporting tools.

Online Learning

Ecommerce course sales

Zapnito is fully integratable with Stripe, giving you the ability to charge for access to your courses and create an additional path to revenue for your community.

Online Learning

Access control

Sell courses to organizations and institutions, and easily grant access to your training with IP range recognition access. SAML access and other Single Sign-On models are also available.