Security Features

Keep your community data safe and secure

Build trust and deliver the best possible member experience by maintaining high privacy or security standards

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Authentication & Access

SSO (Single sign-on)

Maintain maximum security and convenience for members with OAuth, SAML, JWT and custom SSO supported

Spam and profile moderation

Create automated abuse detection and workflow automation to proactively block spam accounts

Password strength

Select your own password complexity and expiry date rules to maintain standards across different branded platforms

Social sign-in

Enable new community registrations to be completed using verified Facebook, X or LinkedIn accounts

Data integrity

Data encryption

Protect all member data with leading encryption safeguards to maintain continuous defense

Custom security header

Choose whether to enforce HTTPS to prevent XSS attacks

Custom SSL

Add your own SSL certificate to prevent hackers accessing information transferred

Data residency

Data is stored in data centers located in the East Coast of the United States with AWS

Compliance and protection

GDPR and CCPA compliance

Maintain full compliance with EU and US regulations on the processing of personal data

Penetration testing

Zapnito proactively maintains cloud infrastructure best practices in collaboration with third-party security and privacy specialists

Security & Audit Logs

Access detailed historical platform information to reconstruct the timeline of an incident

Development lifecycle

Our teams follow the highest quality assurance processes to identify vulnerabilities before deployment