Customer Engagement

Build more connected customer relationships

Keep unlimited customer groups engaged with a one-stop destination for self-service, peer-to-peer connection, feedback and ideation

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Solve the customer engagement challenge

71% of your customers are likely to be at risk of taking their business elsewhere when they are not fully engaged. Customers switch off if they don’t get the right knowledge – from trusted peers – at the right time.

Zapnito is built to maximize customer engagement by providing a dedicated platform for personalized knowledge sharing experiences. To drive ROI, analytics dashboards provide signals of intent, and our team of experts provide essential strategic guidance.

Consolidate tools with an all-in-one community engagement platform

Zapnito brings discussions, courses, content, events, and more – into a single solution - removing platform fatigue and streamlining your customer experience

Drive contribution and collaboration

Empower customers to take part in your brand’s success by answering community questions, publishing user-generated content or sharing product feedback

Turn content into certification courses

Create an interactive knowledge base and organize articles, videos and documents into learning journeys to enhance customer education

Maximize event participation

Improve attendance and ROI of online or in-person events by building a hub for knowledge sharing and networking before, during and after

Create habit-forming experiences

Increase the frequency and value of customer engagement with personalized community notifications, newsletters and @mentions

Maximize engagement to unlock 23% more revenue per customer



increase in likelihood to buy as an active community member



increase in engagement with educational content



decrease in likelihood to churn as an active community member



increase in NPS score with Zapnito-powered community

Elevate customer journeys with engagement dashboards

Drive more customer advocacy and proactively reduce churn with a clear view of who is most and least engaged in your community. Zapnito’s community analytics tools allow you to uncover valuable insights view of organizations, members, and activity types.


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Connect your tech stack to drive limitless customer engagement

Integrate with tools you already use to automate workflows and enrich customer insights

Fast implementation. Expert guidance.

Focus on long-term impact with 1-on-1 support every step of the way from our UK-based team of community specialists