Solutions for SaaS brands

One platform to power Community-Led Growth

Place community at the heart of your customer acquisition, adoption, retention and advocacy with a single enterprise-grade community platform

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Zapnito modernizes how SaaS brands create an end-to-end community experience

  • Too many SaaS customer communities are managed with multiple legacy tools designed for other purposes

    • Community members cannot access the knowledge they need, when they need it
    • Community managers have limited control over data and the customer experience, making it hard to create measurable impact
  • Zapnito centralizes where your customers learn, share and connect to drive Community-Led Growth

    • Full capabilities of an enterprise-grade customer community platform
    • Expert support to deliver a community strategy based on your priority business objectives

Give your customers an outstanding community experience and your business a platform to scale

Community-Led Growth | Acquisition

Improve discoverability and conversion

  • Attract more visitors by hosting authentic discussions and convert them with custom CTAs
  • Leverage zero-party data to put each community member on a personalized pathway through resources, events and connections
  • Centralize all your lead nurture activities to track intent to buy with analytics and custom action triggers
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Community-Led Growth | Adoption

Improve self-service and product education

  • Reduce support costs with an intuitive knowledge base – making onboarding resources and user generated content easier to find
  • Centralize your courses, events, discussions and announcements to create habit-forming educational experiences
  • Create a seamless experience between your community and product with SSO, federated search and embeddable widgets
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Community-Led Growth | Retention

Improve satisfaction and quality of feedback

  • Create open and private rooms for custom groups to simplify product announcements, support, ideation and feedback
  • Identify and proactively support your most and least engaged customers with community analytics
  • Matchmake members to offer community-as-a-service and provide unrivalled value on top of your existing product
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Community-Led Growth | Advocacy

Improve referrals and reviews

  • Create private rooms and discussions for your most engaged members to test ideas, incentivise referrals and develop new educational content
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs and scale community growth with 2-click inviting and sharing
  • Give your best customers and their team members a platform to share their successes with custom authoring and admin settings
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Purpose built solutions for fast-growing SaaS brands


Self-service knowledge base

Easily organize your content, courses and discussions to create an intuitive self-serve experience where customers can quickly find answers to their questions


Multi-network communities

Set up unlimited groups such as leads, customers, partners or investors to control what content, discussions, announcements, resources and contacts each member can access over time

Community analytics

Our community data platform has in-built, real-time and customizable analytics tools including more than 20 reports to help understand the members and content driving engagement


Onboarding and education

Create courses to repurpose your best content, breakdown complex subjects and track member education to offer more proactive and effective customer support


Product feedback & ideation

Gather your most engaged customers in private rooms to showcase your roadmap, unpack pain points and collaborate to generate new, innovative solutions


Member directories, networking and payment integrations allow your SaaS business to create new revenue streams by monetizing member matchmaking

Connect your community platform to the tools your business already uses

From CRM to analytics, Zapnito’s native and custom integrations ensure your community takes your customer experience and insight to the next level