Support & Self-Service

Serve valuable knowledge - at the right time

Help your customers to help each other succeed with a single brand platform dedicated to peer-to-peer education and collaboration.

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Give every customer a personalized knowledge hub

Leveraging the knowledge of your customers to create expert user-generated content and answer common support questions reduces support and marketing costs.

By centralizing your knowledge base, support forum, and resource center with Zapnito, you can serve the right educational experiences at the right time in the customer lifecycle - increasing engagement and satisfaction.

One destination for customers to discover and search for the knowledge they need

Zapnito brings the essential elements of knowledge base, events, learning and forum technology into a single solution - allowing you to reduce costs and elevate your customer experience

Turn customers into key contributors

Empower customers to support each other by starting valuable discussions, publish expert content and hosting community-led events

Bring self serve content to life as courses

Guide customers toward success using self service learning journeys by curating existing articles, videos and documents

Provide powerful, integrated search

Serve instant, relevant solutions to customer needs to highlight the right people and content from multiple brand channels - in one place

Simplify navigation of complex communities

Host multiple communities and unlimited groups in one platform while personalizing the user experience through topics and networking

Create more valuable experiences across the customer lifecycle



increase in likelihood to buy as an active community member



increase in engagement with educational content



decrease in likelihood to churn as an active community member



increase in NPS score with Zapnito-powered community

Manage at scale to spend more time on strategy than manual tasks

Save time and budget by consolidate tools with community knowledge sharing managed in one place. Zapnito is fully configurable and secure allowing you tailor your community experience to member needs.


Permissions & Moderation
Multi-Community Architecture
Community Analytics

Connect your tech stack to drive limitless customer engagement

Integrate with tools you already use to automate workflows and enrich customer insights

Fast implementation. Expert guidance.

Focus on long-term impact with 1-on-1 support every step of the way from our UK-based team of community specialists