Technology Brands

Power customer engagement at scale

Technology brands use Zapnito to improve education and participation across the customer lifecycle to drive retention and growth

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Consolidate tools with an all-in-one community engagement platform

Zapnito brings discussions, courses, content, events, and more – into one personalized self-serve platform helping you improve customer growth and retention

Turn audiences into key contributors

Empower customers to support each other by starting valuable discussions, publish expert content and hosting community-led events

Bring self-serve content to life as courses

Guide customers toward success using self service learning journeys by curating existing articles, videos and documents

Centralize discussion and announcements

ACreate dedicated spaces to share public company updates, build custom groups to host advisory boards or gather feedback on closed beta tests

Create habit-forming experiences

Increase the frequency and value of customer engagement with personalized community notifications, newsletters and @mentions

Maximize engagement to unlock 23% more revenue per customer



increase in likelihood to buy as an active community member



increase in engagement with educational content



decrease in likelihood to churn as an active community member



increase in NPS score with Zapnito-powered community

How do B2B Technology brands use Zapnito?

Drive self-service with a community knowledge base

Give customers everything they need to answer questions, share insights and help troubleshoot challenges. Leverage community participation to reduce support and marketing costs.

Content Authoring
Courses & Certification
Advanced Search
Member Directories
How do B2B Technology brands use Zapnito?

Capture feedback and data to build better products

Centralize where you exchange ideas with customers to improve your product or service. Take full control of your community engagement data to identify opportunities to maximize retention and growth.

Analytics & Reports
Private Rooms
Private Groups
How do B2B Technology brands use Zapnito?

Make customer connection your competitive advantage

Create authentic engagement touchpoints at scale and drive customer success through networking and knowledge sharing

Profiles & Networking
Event Listings
Private Messaging

Connect your tech stack to drive limitless customer engagement

Integrate with tools you already use to automate workflows and enrich customer insights

Flexible, reliable and secure – at scale

Custom branding

Configure logos, fonts, colors and your domain name to create a seamless user-experience across different branded platforms

Community analytics

Track community activity as whole and drill down into the members and groups driving engagement

Permissions & Moderation

Automated moderation, custom groups and 100+ configurable permissions allow you to streamline community operations

Member invites

Allow members to send one-click community invitations to their network to drive advocacy and membership growth at scale

“We are treating our community as the glue around our other products moving forward. In 6 months, our product adoption rate has increased by 21%.”

Evan Brennan-Johnson Communications Manager NPSx, Bain & Company