Community Membership Platform

Create a hub for discussions, content sharing and membership engagement with our community membership platform. Connect, engage and provide value with membership communities that generate revenue. Use our membership community platform to build a membership community that provides true value to your members and generates revenue.

Online Membership Communities

Engage your members

Ignite conversations that allow you to connect, engage and build relationships with your members. Our array of networking tools, including expert profiles, Q&A, video panels and conversations mean there is no shortage of ways to interact with your community.

Online Membership Communities

Become your industry’s go-to source of expertise

Don’t let the expertise within your community go unnoticed. Build a hub of beautiful multimedia content that delivers value to your members including thought leadership, video and e-learning courses.

Online Membership Communities

Take advantage of every revenue stream

Providing value to your users shouldn’t stop you from generating revenue. Our tools make it easy to diversify revenue streams via membership management, sponsored content, brand placement and e-learning courses.

Online Membership Communities

Virtual events couldn’t be easier

The events world has changed – but this doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Connect with your members at engaging virtual and hybrid events delivered within the platform.

Online Membership Communities

World-class membership organizations choose Zapnito

Winmark Global C-Suite Network, Points of Light and the Oystercatchers Club are just two organizations we’re proud to help connect with their users and build thriving member communities.